Back Office Accounting/Bill Pay Service

Make your life much less complicated by letting VBA handle all of your personal financial management details, including repetitive chores such as bill paying and bank account management as well as organizing and maintaining your comprehensive financial records. We will:

  • Open, sort and review bills
  • Organize and track billing information
  • Pay bills electronically or manually
  • Track and ensure timely bill payment
  • Provide monthly bill payment history
  • Prepare monthly inflow and outflow reports
  • Provide customized reports, based on the client's needs
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Make bank deposits
  • Transfer funds and maintain accurate bank balances
  • Set-up, manage and file payroll taxes for household employees
  • Track finances throughout the year using personal financial management software
  • Handle any disputes regarding payments on accounts we manage
  • Maintain files for bills paid, bank and investment statements and all documents we manage
  • Coordinate and organize tax-related documents for tax preparation
  • Prepare annual income tax returns

Why Use VBA's Personal Bill Paying Service?

  • We are real people, here to help you.  We are not an automated website or a faceless conglomerate.  At Vander Ploeg, Bergakker & Associates, we offer individualized, responsive service.  You are just a phone call or email away from dealing directly with the professionals who manage your bills.  Have a question or a unique problem?  We are here when you need us and we will always work to try to find a solution that meets your needs.
  • We have the expertise you need.  Our client services team is made up of accounting professionals.  We have over three decades of bill payment and management experience.  In other words, we have the expertise to handle your bill paying in a reliable, professional manner -- you will never need to worry about your bills being paid properly and on time.
  • We are insured.  At VBA we know how important trust is.  As members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, we hold ourselves to a strict code of ethics and ensure that our business practices always meet or exceed industry standards.  In addition, we carry fidelity bond insurance to protect our clients.
  • We do not require access to your bank accounts.  We understand the importance of maintaining control over your personal financial information.  If you desire, VBA offers a solution that gives you all of the advantages of a typical bill payment service without any of the anxiety.
  • Privacy you can trust.  Any of your private information that we maintain is kept strictly confidential and stored on our secure, encrypted computer system.  When dealing with your vendors, we take great care to reveal only what is absolutely necessary to pay your bills.  We work hard to earn your trust and we intend to keep it.

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